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Sean - your personal profile type is Detailist


General Description
As a Detailist, you are very attentive to details often overlooked by others. As a result, you are typically very organized, self-disciplined, and depended on by others to be both dependable and accurate.

Typical Areas of Strength
Detailists, like you, are typically conscientious, cooperative, dependable, organized, analytical, and cautious. You are highly focused and strive to surpass very high standards of precision and integrity in your approach to life.

Typical Areas of Struggle
Your tendency is to resist change and to avoid taking risks in your approach to life. You may be dogmatic about your personal performance standards and be perceived by family and friends as too sensitive, picky, or indecisive.

Your Preferred Activities
To maximize your talents, look for situations in which you can help others by ensuring quality, standards, orderliness, and compliance with regulations. You tend to have good listening and counseling skills.

Your Contributions to Relationships
You probably have a keen eye for facts, figures, and data. You are organized, thorough, and always strive for accuracy. You excel at planning family itineraries.

Your Communication Style
You strive to communicate accurately and diplomatically. You do not express disagreements immediately and may withhold or downplay strongly held opinions.

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