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Mark Benedict - your personal profile type is Deep Thinker


General Description
As a Deep Thinker, you are analytical, logical, and philosophical in your sincere search for meaning, truth, and purpose in life. You are able to cut through emotion and confusion to draw incisive conclusions from observations, data, and research.

Typical Areas of Strength
Deep Thinkers, like you, tend to be logical, organized, conscientious, thorough, analytical, and prepared. You are very focused and strive for high standards, precision, and integrity in all you do.

Typical Areas of Struggle
Due to your tendency to be somewhat perfectionist in your approach to life, you may feel more disappointment than most people when truth or your ideals are violated. At times, your family and friends may feel that you are hypersensitive and too easily offended by suggestions or criticism.

Your Preferred Activities
To maximize your talents, you look for situations in which you can be given time to process ideas at a deep level -- to think, reason, analyze, and organize details into logical, creative, and pragmatic solutions.

Your Communication Style
You tend to communicate impersonally through the logical presentation of well-thought-out ideas and facts. Often, the explanations of your thought processes go far deeper than others wish to explore.

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