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Kim - your personal profile type is Networker


General Description
As a Networker, you enjoy new people, new situations, and new environments. You build relationships and interact with an ever-widening circle of contacts outside of the home. You tend to enjoy using your verbal skills and wit to be engaging and persuasive.

Typical Areas of Strength
Networkers, like you, are normally strong communicators. You are outgoing, engaging, lively, optimistic, gregarious, persuasive, fun-loving, enthusiastic, and inspiring.

Typical Areas of Struggle
You may sometimes be prone to talking too much, being disorganized, impulsive, too emotional, too optimistic, or exaggerating. Sometimes you tend to overcommit and overlook key details.

Your Preferred Activities
Because you function best when given the opportunity to influence, meet, or entertain others, you need variety and opportunities to present your new creative ideas along with a minimum of detail work.

Your Communication Style
You thrive when given the opportunity to communicate new ideas, concepts, or the latest information to a group.

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